Dreaming of Zoo Interpretaion

By | March 1, 2019

To dream of a zoo represents situations where you are noticing negative or primitive behavior in others. Feeling comfortable that other people are stupider than you. A sense of isolation from crazy behavior. You may be near people who are less mature or intelligent than you are. Not wanting to get involved in silly or “stupid” matters. It could also represent exploration or observation of something dangerous while keeping safe. Not wanting to talk to or get too involved with “stupid” people.


Alternatively, a zoo may reflect disbelief at how crazy, childish, or arrogant a situation is. Enjoying observing other people act primitive or unintelligent in situations where there is no possibility for it to embarrass you. Feeling too rich, intelligent, or protected to be influenced by reckless behavior.

Example: A woman dreamed of visiting the zoo. In waking life she was giving her boyfriend a second chance after a fight. The zoo reflected her living arrangements with the “stupid” boyfriend that she didn’t feel was really going to change.


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