Dreaming of Zebra Interpretaion

By | March 1, 2019



To dream about a zebra represents feelings about a person or situation being misleadingly passive or cooperative. Thinking something is a great idea until you get to know it personally. A loss of trust or compliance felt from someone towards you once you get too serious about something with them. The realization that someone you know is hopelessly self-involved after first believing that they shared your ideas. It may also reflect feelings that someone is beautiful and then realizing they are less intelligent or mature than you first thought.

Negatively, a zebra may reflect a person in your life that keeps giving you false ideas about what they are willing to do with you or for you. Someone interesting or “perfect for the part” with potential to fill a role that totally embarrasses you with opposite thinking. Embarrassment or feeling let down that someone will never do the one thing you would like them to. Dashed high expectations.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing a zebra. In waking life she had just had a big argument with her boyfriend. The zebra reflected her disappointment with her boyfriend not doing something she got her hopes set on him doing.


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