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The letter Z in a dream represents total balance of negativity or not liking to think anything negative. A negative situation is either completely over or your beliefs about what constitutes negativity has completely changed.

The symbolism is based on the shape of the letter being two parallel lines that appear to flattening a right leaning line. The right leaning line reflects negative choices or a negative direction.

The letter Z being the 26th letter of the alphabet supports this symbolism because 26 in numerology represents conflict (2) with negativity (6). What this means is that you are so positive that you can’t stand to think about anything negative.

Dreaming of Zookeeper Interpretaion

To dream of a zookeeper represents you or someone else that is looking after people that are acting primitive or immature. Keeping a handle on a chaotic or confusing situation. Making sure that something doesn’t get too out of control. Example: A young girl dreamed of seeing a zookeeper and having a problem at the… Read More »

Dreaming of Zombies Interpretaion

Zombies To dream of a zombie represented automatic or blind thinking. A sign that you are too concerned with what other people think or that you are not thinking for yourself. It may also reflect jealousy of not pleasing others. Desperately following others or trying to impress others. It may also reflect feelings about people who… Read More »

Dreaming of Zoomorphism Interpretaion

To dream of zoomorphism represents a transition of behavior or the perception of personality traits being combined. Character traits that are working in tandem. Consider what animal symbolism is combined for additional meaning. Human and animal traits mixed may reflect obsession with a particular behavior or your feelings about someone else acting in a certain… Read More »

Dreaming of Zoo Interpretaion

To dream of a zoo represents situations where you are noticing negative or primitive behavior in others. Feeling comfortable that other people are stupider than you. A sense of isolation from crazy behavior. You may be near people who are less mature or intelligent than you are. Not wanting to get involved in silly or… Read More »

Dreaming of Zeus Interpretaion

Zeus To dream of Zeus represents you or someone else that notices themselves being the strongest of the most powerful people. A leader of leaders, a controller of controllers, or someone who can easily embarrass people with elite power. Total control over your life or never answering to people who expect it from others all the… Read More »

Dreaming of Zebra Interpretaion

Zebra To dream about a zebra represents feelings about a person or situation being misleadingly passive or cooperative. Thinking something is a great idea until you get to know it personally. A loss of trust or compliance felt from someone towards you once you get too serious about something with them. The realization that someone… Read More »

Dreaming of Zucchinis Interpretaion

To dream of zucchini represents situations where you feel the need to try every other option you have never tried before. Enthusiasm for new ideas or trying new things. Choosing to be different for the sake of being different. Negatively, a zucchini represents feelings about alternative choices or new ideas not being pleasing to others.… Read More »

Dreaming of Zigzag Interpretaion

Zigzag To dream of a zigzag pattern represents insecurity or instability. Situations staying volatile or unsure. Repeating up and down scenarios. An inability to keep something perfect. Indecision. Feelings about a situation never being normal or consistent. Fact: Migraine sufferers often have dreams of zigzag patterns.

Dreaming of Zip Code Interpretaion

Zip Code To dream of a zip code represents a label or designation you have of a person or situation. Psychological grouping or organization. Something is a part of “all of this” or “all of that.” It may also reflect how good or bad something is. Example: A person once dreamed of getting a job… Read More »

Dreaming of Zippers Interpretaion

Zippers To dream of a zipper represents something about yourself or your life that can be accessed at anytime. A choice, option, or resource that you can choose to use whenever you want. Zipping up may reflect something about yourself that you are choosing to close off or discontinue. Unzipping reflects something about yourself that… Read More »

Dreaming of Zodiac Interpretaion

Zodiac To see the zodiac in your dream represents your conscious awareness of how you connect to the universe or the world around you. How you fit in it all. Alternatively, the zodiac may appear in a dream to reflect the passage of time. Individual signs may represent coming events during those periods.