Yoga Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Yoga Interpretaion

By | March 1, 2019


To dream of yoga represents you or someone else that is trying find balance within themselves. Trying to find inner peace by ignoring negativity. Self-discipline and harmony. You may finally be experiencing relief after a very stressful time. Trying to recoup or reclaim peace of mind.

Negatively, yoga may reflect a backwards sense of what constitutes healthy or balanced choices. Wanting to reestablish balance with a materialistic mindset or lifestyle.

Example: A woman dreamed of performing yoga. In waking life she was trying to go to therapy to reestablish herself emotionally after having been raped. She was exceptionally beautiful, but may have had a backwards sense of balance in her life due to her physical beauty. The yoga in this case may have reflected more focus on reestablishing her comfort with her physical looks around men instead of focusing on learning to make men respect her for who she is as a person


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