Yaks Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Yaks Interpretaion

By | March 2, 2019


To dream of a yak represents feelings about someone or something in your life being passively big. Feeling bored with how bigger or more powerful you are. Being too big to need to fight. An imposing passive presence. A powerful passive role that must be respected. Concerns about pissing off a powerful passive person.

Positively, a yak may reflect feelings about wishing to be powerful enough to scare bad people away without questioning it. A wish to make bad people fear pissing you off without effort. A protective responsible chapron figure that is protecting you. Watchful parenting that is taking a passive role.

Negatively, a yak may reflect feelings about being so powerful that nobody wants to know you. Feeling isolated or bored with your power. Feeling that people are too afraid know you because they think they’ll piss you off. Accepting an adult chaperon figure that is boring and dangerous to anger. Pretending you are too big to need to fight


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