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The letter Y in a dream represents rising towards positivity.

The symbolism is based on the shape of the letter being a straight line that moves towards an upside triangle. An upside triangle is a symbol for the positive aspect of creation.

Yachts Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Yachts Interpretaion

Yachts To dream of a yacht represents an intelligent or resourceful attempt to navigate life’s uncertainties. It may also reflect an ability to powerfully or skillfully deal with negative situations. If you see a yacht submerged in water, or overtaken by waves this represents uncertainty or negative situations that overwhelm your ability to intelligently confront… Read More »

Yahoo Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Yahoo Interpretaion

Yahoo To dream of may represents a lack of enthusiasm to pursue something completely. A goal or interest that you don’t feel the need to go all the way with. Yahoo may also reflect interests you are very focused on that other people may not be as eager to pursue. Pursuing interests that used… Read More »

Yaks Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Yaks Interpretaion

Yaks To dream of a yak represents feelings about someone or something in your life being passively big. Feeling bored with how bigger or more powerful you are. Being too big to need to fight. An imposing passive presence. A powerful passive role that must be respected. Concerns about pissing off a powerful passive person.… Read More »

Yams Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Yams Interpretaion

Yams To dream of yams represents feelings of effort taken to show love or caring. Proving you love someone with your actions instead of words. Doing some difficult because you about someone. Feeling that it’s a good idea to make an extra effort to care about someone else’s feelings. Taking extra time for problems that… Read More »

Yard Sale Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Yard Sale Interpretaion

Yard Sale To dream of a yard sale represents the recycling of past experiences, ideas, or relationships. Considering using something old, neglected, or uninteresting to others for new purposes. Negatively, dreaming about a yardsale may reflect jealousy that someone is not considering your feelings about the past. Watching people you know start new relationships with… Read More »

Yard Work Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Yard Work Interpretaion

Yard Work To dream of yard work represents feelings about having to maintain good appearances in a situation. Negatively, it may reflect desperate attempts to maintain good appearances in a situation or relationship that isn’t working. Vain attempts to maintain a responsible appearance to others. Trying too hard to impress or please others. Trying too… Read More »

Yarmulkes Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Yarmulkes Interpretaion

Yarmulkes To dream of a yarmulke represents a mood or attitude that cares about nothing except positivity. Being upbeat, moral, or good behavior is more important than usual. You or someone else that thinks being positive is important all the time. You or someone else is being very stubborn about positive beliefs or actions. Honesty,… Read More »

Yarn Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Yarn Interpretaion

Yarn To dream of yarn represents a concern for safety. Doing something to make sure someone else stays safe or out of trouble. Yarn may also reflect the rules of safe, strict, or protective parenting. Example: A boy dreamed of being chased by an evil ball of yarn. In waking life he felt constantly pressured… Read More »

Yearbook Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Yearbook Interpretaion

Yearbook To dream of a yearbook represents nostalgia. It’s your memories and focus on past relationships or situations. You may be reexamining friendships, or experiences that you had when you were younger. A yearbook may also reflect your attempts to gain insight into your life by examining your past. It may also represent your regrets,… Read More »

Yoga Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Yoga Interpretaion

Yoga To dream of yoga represents you or someone else that is trying find balance within themselves. Trying to find inner peace by ignoring negativity. Self-discipline and harmony. You may finally be experiencing relief after a very stressful time. Trying to recoup or reclaim peace of mind. Negatively, yoga may reflect a backwards sense of… Read More »