Words Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Words Interpretaion

By | March 2, 2019


To dream of seeing a word in a dream may represents feelings about how specific or obvious a situations feels. A situation where you feel that someone else cares about only one thing. Situations where one issue stands out as most important. Goals or behavior that feel all-important. Feeling that it’s impossible to avoid paying attention to something. An issue in your life that is too powerful or serious to ignore.

Negatively, a word in a dream may reflect feelings about obsessions or fears of how serious an issue is. Feeling that someone or something is being ignorantly rigid or uncooperative. Fearing overcoming things that are impossible to overcome. Allowing others to label you or designate you as permanently guilty. Fearing forever. Obsessions with goals that are impossible. Feeling forced to perfectly listen or adhere to someone else’s wishes against your own wishes.

Consider the sounds of the word, how complicated or simple it’s use normally is, or how common the word is for possible additional meaning.


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  1. Anonymous

    im having dreams in which i have learned to read words, when I wake up i look up the words. they are real words and sometimes drug names i have never heard of before.


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