Wolf Whistle Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wolf Whistle Interpretaion

By | March 3, 2019

Wolf WhistleWolf Whistle

To dream of hearing a wolf whistle represents feelings of something impressive about you being out in the open or obvious to everyone you know. Feeling that someone is very impressed with you in front of other people. Shock or surprise that you are more impressive than you thought. Feelings about a public display of approval that you are more impressive than other people. A situation in waking life that make you feel good that you are not a loser.

Negatively, hearing a wolf whistle may reflect a naive belief that you deserve to be impressed with yourself. Feeling that it’s just obvious that you are better than other people. Feeling that someone is not respecting you while they are impressed by you. Inappropriate compliments. Feeling uncomfortable that someone you aren’t attracted to is attracted to you. Feeling good not being a loser while believing that someone else is. Feeling good showing off that you are perfect winner.

To dream of whistling a wolf whistle represents feelings about showing someone you are impressed by them by through inappropriate means or arrogant gestures. Expressing how impressed you are by someone by showing off. A very public manner to show someone you are think they are a winner.

Example: A woman dreamed of hearing a wolf whistle. In waking life she wanted God to take revenge on her husband for cheating on her. She even threatened her husband with God’s revenge. Eventually something bad happened to her husband and she believed that because of her very persistent good behavior and praying that God had showed her a sign that he was impressed with her. The wolf whistle in this case may have reflected her naive eagerness to believe that anything bad happening to her cheating husband was a signal of how impressed God was with her. She felt God was publicly showing off proving how better he felt she was compared to her husband when the bad luck struck her husband.


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