Witness Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Witness Interpretaion

By | March 3, 2019


To dream of a witness represents an aspect of yourself that has proof or is verifiable. Feelings about yourself or someone else being fully aware of something that happened. Negatively, dreaming about a witness may reflect feelings about being unable to deny your dishonesty or guilt. Difficulty escaping guilt. Difficulty ignoring or forgetting something negative that happened. Issues with traumatic events.

Alternatively, dreaming of a witness may represents feeling emotionally detached from an experience or situation. It could also reflect feelings about life passing you or being too passive.

To dream of a witness that won’t speak about something they observed may reflect feelings about yourself or someone else not wanting to get involved in a problem. Fear of consequences for being honest. Frustration that people will not help you prove or verify something.

To dream of needing a witness to something you are involved in represents feelings of needing to be certain your actions are provable or verifiable. Issues with needing others approval or respect to believe in yourself. Fear about being careless or irresponsible. Fear or issues of not being believed. Issues with your integrity.

To dream of being a witness to murder may represent feelings of being aware of something negative that happened and doing nothing about it. Fear of being powerless or helpless to stop something terrible from happening. Guilt for allowing something bad to happen. Awareness of yourself allowing a major failure of some sort to occur.

To dream of a false or lying witness may reflect feelings about betrayal. Frustrations with needing to prove or verify yourself. Alternatively, it may reflect a fear of the truth.

To dream of a testifying witness may represent feelings of accountability for your actions.


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