Witch Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Witch Interpretaion

By | March 3, 2019


To dream of a witch represents feelings about others enjoying and intentionally making efforts to keep you unhappy. Feeling that someone is a expert at keeping you unhappy, failing, or turning people against you. Feeling cursed by bad luck or the victim of manipulation. Feelings about someone else’s manipulative interference as being evil. A person in your life that you feel is obsessed with making sure you never like yourself. Feelings about a woman in your life being an “evil bitch.”

To dream about being a witch may reflect your own attempts to intentionally try to manipulate others. Trying to turn others against each other. Working hard to make someone you don’t like fail. Awareness of yourself being arrogant, deceptive, or manipulative to sabotage someone. Jealousy interfering with someone else’s happiness. Awareness of yourself being a terrible “bitch.”

Feelings about a dangerous, selfish, or heartless woman. Frustrations with your Mother or Mother In-Law. A cranky woman in your life. Children may dream of witches to reflect fear of the mother being angry or punishing them.

To dream of a male witch or warlock may reflect feelings about mean people who assertively follow you in life intentionally trying to keep you unhappy. Feeling you are being followed and sabotaged by by a petty male. A very assertive attempt to impose unhappiness on others. A very assertive attempt to make someone else feel cursed or manipulated with interference. Feeling that emptiness, injuries, or violent altercations will not stop being imposed on you. Someone in your life that is an expert at being an “asshole.”

Example: A man dreamed of fighting a witch and pushing her off a cliff. In waking life he had to argue with a dentist who keep refusing to remove a painful tooth that had been bothering him for years.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her mother-in-law dressed like a witch. In waking life she felt that her mother-in-law was always taking her husband’s side and she felt ganged up on.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing witches cooking chocolate fondue. In waking life she discovered that her mother has been secretly lying to her about the purpose of a vacation she was taking. She felt that her mother was being secretive and selfish.


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