Wishbone Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wishbone Interpretaion

By | March 3, 2019


To dream of a wish bone represents a waking life situation where you are testing your luck or testing fate. Competing with others to see who is luckier. A comfortable attitude about taking a chance. No fear or jealousy with the potential to lose with a chance you are taking.

Negatively, a wishbone may reflect a relaxed attitude about taking chances or testing your luck with something dangerous. Taking chances with other people’s property. It may also reflect a dishonest perception being projected to others about looking like you don’t really fear losing with a chance you are taking.

Example: A man dreamed of wishbone being snapped and getting the smaller side. In waking life he made a friendly bet with the friend that he could have sex with a girl before the friend did. He lost the bet.


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