Wisdom Teeth Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wisdom Teeth Interpretaion

By | March 3, 2019

Wisdom TeethWisdom Teeth

To dream of a wisdom teeth represents an experience you can be confident about. A situation or experience that gives you confidence that you’ve “been there” or “done that.” Growing up or a milestone you’ve moved past.

It may also reflect “coming of age” evidence such as sexual development or sexual experience. Something that makes you feel mature or grown up.

To dream of your wisdom teeth falling out represents maturity or a loss of youthful ambition. Feeling like it’s time to settle down. Feeling that showing off or talking about adult achievements is no longer interesting. It may also point to a loss of importance you are giving to proving yourself.

To dream of your wisdom teeth being pulled out represents feelings that it’s important to hide your success or stop bragging about an adult achievement. Feeling that success has gotten out of hand. Not believing that sex, money, or other adult abilities are as interesting as they used to be. Feeling that family life is more important to you now.

Example: A young girl dreamed of feeling like an outsider because her wisdom teeth hadn’t come in yet. In waking life she had just started high school and was surrounded by people she felt were more socially experienced than her.


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