Wings Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wings Interpretaion

By | March 3, 2019


To dream of wings represents feelings of new found freedom. Success without limitations. Freedom to do something you want to do all the time. Feeling that nothing is holding you back. Alternatively, wings may reflect transcendence or your attempt to escape from a difficult situation. The ability to rise above and heal.

Negatively, wings may reflect problems that are beyond your control.

To dream of having angel wings represents behavior that is perfectly suited to others needs. Being the perfect solution to someone else’s problems. Carrying or helping others when they need you the most. Being a good Samaritan and asking for nothing in return. You or someone else that “saves the day” by being wonderful. Sweet or “angelic” gestures. Protecting others or feeling protected.

To dream of the wings of birds represents transcendence or rising above problems. Consider the type of bird for additional meaning.


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4 thoughts on “Wings Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wings Interpretaion

  1. No name

    I always dream im an angel and have a wings. In my dream I meeting angel in heaven and play with them sometime i dream about saving people in the flood and accident. And earlier today i dream im flying and landing on the land meeting people with white clothes, they are looking at me and welcome me with a big smile while there two hands are open. I dont know what the meaning of my dream. It always keeping me confuse why i dreaming im an angel. I cant find any answer someone told me that angels are not reincarnated as a human. I never dream to become an angel but when i sleep and dream, it always dreaming me a senario im not familiar with and i have a wings and flying. Im sorry if my english is bad.

    1. Kyaw Kyaw Sint

      I dreamed about a week ago in a dream, I was flying on the sky and then I fall down to the road and I ride bicycle and then I was going somewhere with a girl.When we reach a home I was told to wait for a woman and I got inside and I ran out and then a woman came running.The girl was scared and crying, I cried, and I looked up at the sky, closed my eyes and felt wings coming from my back, and I fought woman with my power.Then I kissed and comforted the girl In the dream.
      I felt the girl is my lover and I don’t remember and cannot see the woman face in the dream but I little remember the girl face.

      At this time I am single but I have crush but the girl In the dream is not my crush.

      What do you think guys?

  2. Lily Grace Brownstein

    I had a dream about being friends with a black dragon when no one else could get close to it. Then a person came, and I and a couple others somehow let the dragon out, and it transformed into a woman. I don’t know if the woman had dragon wings or feathery wings, but I could tell they were black. On some days, I think we took the dragon out for walks, and the dragon was easily tame. The next scene I remember, was in a classroom with a teacher that was teaching us something with paint. I didn’t hear the teacher because I was busy looking at The person who was actually teaching me to combine colors. He was teaching me how to combine red in an odd way, and I think he dumped a small can of tomato sauce in there, but I’m not sure.


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