Wind Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wind Interpretaion

By | March 3, 2019


To dream of wind represents unsettled emotions or situations. Feeling that a situation is not easy enough to simply breeze through it. The instability of change.

Strong winds may reflect the stress or anxiety of unpleasant changes. Feeling that too much is going on. A turbulent adjustment to something unpleasant. Facing pressure to stop doing something you want or a person that doesn’t like what you are doing. You may feel forced to reconsider a situation or choice.

To dream of light winds or light breeze may reflect the gentleness of a new idea or new beginning. The vigor and excitement of the unexpected. Feeling good thinking that something in your life is easy to get through.

Example: A man dreamed of walking around on a very cold windy street with no coat. In waking life he felt abandoned by a business partner and had to restart his life all on his own. The cold wind may have reflected his feelings about how unpleasant it felt to confront the instability in his life on his own after the business partner abandoned him.


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