Whispering Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Whispering Interpretaion

By | July 14, 2016


To dream of whispering something represents feelings about wanting to keep something private or secret. Not wanting other people who find out about discussions you are having. Feeling that it’s inappropriate to speak about something too obviously. Fear of other people finding out what you are really thinking or really planning. Concerns about loud or obvious gestures being observed by others. Sensitivity about hurting someone’s feelings.

Negatively, whispering in a dream may reflect feelings of annoyance or frustration that you can’t express yourself openly. Having to express your true feelings behind closed doors or behind people’s backs.

Example: A woman dreamed of whispering in her husbands ear with her head in her hands following by a scene where her daughter was on her knees. In waking life she was carefully discussing her marital problems with a friend over the internet and then her husband threatened to cut off her internet. The whispering may have reflected her wish to keep the discussions about her husband hidden from him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being unable to express her anger at someone. She could only whisper. In waking life she was frustrated with a child molester who got released from prison who came into her restaurant to be served food. Her boss forced her to serve the man food. She could only express her true feelings behind closed doors behind the man’s back or with her body language.


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