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The letter W in a dream represents imbalance. People or situation that are out of control or unstable. Having to be respectable when other people aren’t. Situations that persistently never stay the same. Having to be serious all the time about the potential for a situation to become dangerous.

W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet and in numerology 23 represents conflict with creation. This means that you are negatively conflicted with a situation of your making.

Wildebeests Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wildebeests Interpretaion

Wildebeests To dream of a wildebeest represents an aspect of your personality that is inhospitable or unwelcoming. A person that is aware of you and wants you to go away. A wildebeest may reflect bitterness, hostile jealousy, or resenting someone. Example: A person once dreamed of a wildebeest. In real life a friend of the… Read More »

Wind Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wind Interpretaion

Wind To dream of wind represents unsettled emotions or situations. Feeling that a situation is not easy enough to simply breeze through it. The instability of change. Strong winds may reflect the stress or anxiety of unpleasant changes. Feeling that too much is going on. A turbulent adjustment to something unpleasant. Facing pressure to stop… Read More »

Wind Chimes Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wind Chimes Interpretaion

Wind Chimes To dream of a wind chime represents comfortable feelings that something different is about to happen. An intuitive feeling about the potential for change to occur. A situation or event in your life that signals change. Intuitive feelings about a welcome argument or conflict being close at hand. An event occurring in your… Read More »

Wine Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wine Interpretaion

Wine To dream of wine represents situations where you are celebratory, satisfied with what you have already achieved, or relaxing with a sense of completion. You feel like there isn’t much more to do and are very comfortable with it. You are experiencing the end result of a process, change, or struggle. A wine bottle… Read More »

Wings Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wings Interpretaion

Wings To dream of wings represents feelings of new found freedom. Success without limitations. Freedom to do something you want to do all the time. Feeling that nothing is holding you back. Alternatively, wings may reflect transcendence or your attempt to escape from a difficult situation. The ability to rise above and heal. Negatively, wings… Read More »

Winning Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Winning Interpretaion

Winning To dream about winning represents feelings of achieving success in a situation. Feeling better about yourself or feeling special. Feelings about overcoming challenges or problems. Feelings about defeating enemies. Food good proving yourself or proving you are right. An overwhelming sense of achievement in waking life. Negatively, winning in a dream may reflect wishful… Read More »

Witch Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Witch Interpretaion

Witch To dream of a witch represents feelings about others enjoying and intentionally making efforts to keep you unhappy. Feeling that someone is a expert at keeping you unhappy, failing, or turning people against you. Feeling cursed by bad luck or the victim of manipulation. Feelings about someone else’s manipulative interference as being evil. A… Read More »

Witchcraft Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Witchcraft Interpretaion

Witchcraft To dream of witchcraft represents negative or deceptive manipulation. You or someone else that is trying to destroy another’s reputation. You may also be experiencing someone who wants to make everyone hate you or work against you. Rumors and lies. You may feel that someone is purposely out to get you or always trying… Read More »

Witness Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Witness Interpretaion

Witness To dream of a witness represents an aspect of yourself that has proof or is verifiable. Feelings about yourself or someone else being fully aware of something that happened. Negatively, dreaming about a witness may reflect feelings about being unable to deny your dishonesty or guilt. Difficulty escaping guilt. Difficulty ignoring or forgetting something… Read More »

Wizard Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wizard Interpretaion

Wizard To dream of a wizard represents expertise and mastery of skills. Being able to easily exercise power. Being fully adept with a certain skill or having the ability to easily provide for yourself whenever needed. Example: A man dreamed of seeing the words “Ruler for a wizard given to you.” In waking life he… Read More »