Voices Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Voices Interpretaion

By | March 3, 2019


To dream of hearing a voice may represent an inner voice that you aren’t paying enough attention to. A subtle feeling, realization, or thought that has crossed your mind. A choice, interest, or feeling that’s on the back of your mind.

Alternatively, a voice may represent an aspect of yourself or area of your life that is drawing attention to itself. Ideas or situations that keep popping up. It may also reflect an aspect of your personality that is beginning to feel more important to you.

To dream of losing your voice represents feelings of being unable to express your opinions or feelings to others. Feeling denied the ability to express yourself. You may feel it’s impossible to speak up for yourself or draw attention to your needs.

To dream of the voice of God represents your intuition about how important or dangerous a situation is. The possibility for a permanent change, difficult sacrifice may be in front of you.

To dream of someone with a voice of the opposite sex may reflect an aspect of yourself that is expressing itself in way that is out of character. The expression of weakness or assertiveness where it is unusual or unexpected.

Example: A woman dreamed of hearing her mother’s voice calling her into heaven. In waking life she was very old and sick. She believed she was dying (she wasn’t). Her mother’s voice in the dream may have reflected her intuitive feelings about the combination of her age and illness making her feel like death was close at hand.


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