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By | March 3, 2019


To dream of having a visitor represents feelings of having a temporary interest, idea, or opportunity. Unexpected developments. Events in waking life that change your perception of how others feel about you. A possible warning sign about carelessly trusting something with the potential to be influential.

Negatively, a visitor may reflect bad ideas, bad habits, or bad judgement that temporarily influences you. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings of being imposed on. Unwanted distractions or interruptions. Unexpected distractions or problems. Unexpected bad news. Disruption. Anxiety or jealousy about losing long-term security. Temporary fleeting emotions such as motivation, interest, or sexual desire. Problems with having the confidence to reject or turn others away.

Visitors that you don’t want to keep waiting may reflect ideas or opportunities that you are impatient about potentially losing out on. Concerns that you will lose out on a temporary opportunity due to delays or upsetting someone. Rare or short-lived opportunities.

To dream of visiting a person represents feeling of re-connection. Behavior that is occasional. A spontaneous decision based solely on mood. Interests or ideas that are temporary. Short-term enthusiasm for something you don’t really care about.

Negatively, visiting a person in a dream may be a sign that you don’t feel strong enough to be independent or believe in yourself. Dependence, addiction, or returning to bad habits that have embarrassed you in the past. Your own attempts to use someone. Non-objective decisions made solely on heightened emotions. Allowing yourself to swept up emotionally by other people’s problems. Wasting your time talking to or helping people you don’t really like.

To dream of temporarily visiting a location represents consideration of ideas or choices. Exploring a possibility, or re-experiencing something to gain insight. A need to draw on someone or something in order to regain confidence.

Negatively, dreaming of temporarily visiting a location may reflect feelings of having to putting up with an unpleasant experience of some kind in order to achieve your goals. Using someone short-term methods over more secure long-term methods. Issues with addiction or dependence that you are unable to acknowledge.

Example: A woman dreamed of visiting her brother and enjoying it. In waking life her brother had died a year earlier and on occasion she would think of how happy she would be if she was dead with him. She felt stuck being alive and enjoyed herself hoping to die and see her brother again. Visiting her brother may have reflected her temporary psychological visitation of what death would be like if it allowed her to see her brother again.


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