Virginity Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Virginity Interpretaion

By | March 4, 2019


To dream of virginity represents you or some aspect of your personality that is innocent, unspoiled, or lacking experience. You or someone else that hasn’t enjoyed themselves yet.

Negatively, virginity may reflect feelings about yourself or someone else being too scared or powerless to enjoy themselves.

To dream of losing your virginity represents innocence or naivety lost. Positively, losing your virginity may represent enjoying yourself for the first time in a way never experienced before. Feeling good about gaining power or winning.

Negatively, losing your virginity may reflect feelings about losing integrity or being tainted.


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  2. Brenda Medeiros

    Hello my name is Brenda and my not sure if I had a dream about the blessed Mother or if it was real she came to me touching my face talking softly, but I don’t recall what she said I know she was absolutely radiant beautiful, I’m not sure if it was a dream or reality. Can you help me pls .. thank you … my email.


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