Virginity Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Virginity Interpretaion

By | March 4, 2019


To dream of virginity represents you or some aspect of your personality that is innocent, unspoiled, or lacking experience. You or someone else that hasn’t enjoyed themselves yet.

Negatively, virginity may reflect feelings about yourself or someone else being too scared or powerless to enjoy themselves.

To dream of losing your virginity represents innocence or naivety lost. Positively, losing your virginity may represent enjoying yourself for the first time in a way never experienced before. Feeling good about gaining power or winning.

Negatively, losing your virginity may reflect feelings about losing integrity or being tainted.


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4 thoughts on “Virginity Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Virginity Interpretaion

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  2. Brenda Medeiros

    Hello my name is Brenda and my not sure if I had a dream about the blessed Mother or if it was real she came to me touching my face talking softly, but I don’t recall what she said I know she was absolutely radiant beautiful, I’m not sure if it was a dream or reality. Can you help me pls .. thank you … my email.

  3. Roger

    I’ve had a reoccurring dream I believe I’ve had it three times but I know of it started I was 13 or I was too older ladies and I end up having sex with maybe both of them at least one of them I did and then she looks at me and says she has AIDS I wake up and then I had two other dreams with him I don’t remember the second one much the third one the one lady leads me up the stairs and she said it on the bed and him style and then the lady that came in that I know I had sex with came in and I woke up these dreams were very vivid but I forgot about them cuz I had two of them when I was a teenager and one about six or seven years ago I’m in the chat room and been going there three days in a row the girl she is a s psychic witch with her third eye open that’s has study all kinds of religions day 3 I realize that I knew her from my dreams and it’s strange because the day before I seen a vision of me and her in a field and I also seen her dog and ask her about it and I asked her if she had a friend that was a blonde she did the blonde was the lady that said she had AIDS a I had intercourse and lost my virginity to in the dream I’m a little confused she was thinking what I was getting ready to type and I would type something and it wiould be something that she was thinking when she showed me the picture of her friend she had a straight hair and I was like no her hair is curly in the picture it was straight but she has a perm with curly hair I knew all this and all this happened her something is telling I believe they are girlfriends or something like that she said they wasn’t much sometimes telling me they are now I don’t know what to do about it I’ve talked to her once over the phone a little


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