Virgin Mary Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Virgin Mary Interpretaion

By | March 4, 2019

Virgin MaryVirgin Mary

To dream of the Virgin Mary represents your perception of yourself or someone else as being morally perfect. Perfect behavior or perfect moral adherence. Perfection that is looked up to. Selfless love, compassion, spiritual ideals, or ideal motherhood.

Alternatively, the Virgin Mary may represent preoccupation with perfect morality or a flawless reputation. Never wanting to do anything wrong ever again.

Negatively, the Virgin Mary represents may reflect repressed fear of sex or difficulties in personal relationships. You may have too much of a concern for being perfect or remaining untainted. Trying to live up to an impossible ideal.

To dream of a statue of the Virgin Mary may represent perfect behavior that is being admired. Remembering something you or someone else did that was perfect. Admiring superior morality or compassion.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing the Virgin Mary telling her to welcome her husband home. In waking life she was struggling to forgive her husband for cheating on her and embarrassing the sanctity of their marriage.


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2 thoughts on “Virgin Mary Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Virgin Mary Interpretaion

  1. Cinthia

    I’ve had a dream of a statue of Virgin Mary, except that she came to life. In the dream, her purpose and goal was to kill me and I vividly remember her telling me that she was going to kill me. The entire dream was based on her chasing me around along with holy spirits trying to inflict harm on me. Is there a certain reason to this?

  2. Lesh molina

    I had a dream and I’m really confused what it means to me. In my dream we have a family gathering where my aunts and cousins are there. Then my step sister came she is very silent and in a shock face, she talk me have you ever try Jesus talk you then I said no haven’t.. Then she explain to me what happen to her after that I carry my son going to a room where my is there then where talking after that my son become statue of mary. What is the meaning of this dream??


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