Violence Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Violence Interpretaion

By | March 4, 2019


To dream of violence represents mental or emotional conflict or struggle with certain aspects of your personality. You have negative thoughts or emotions like fears, desires, guilt, envy, or other issues that you are confronting or struggling with in your waking life. Violence may also reflect waking life conflict or arguments.

If you win fights or violent confrontations it symbolizes negative thoughts, or habits you have overcome in your waking life. You may have successfully confronted a problem.

If you lose fights or violent confrontations it can symbolize negative thoughts or habits that you have given in to or that control your decisions. A problem may be too much for you or too scary for you to confront.

To dream of being violent towards yourself may represent self punishment, guilt, or feeling helpless or vulnerable.

To find yourself enjoying violence in a dream may represent your eagerness to confront problems, or overcome negativity in your life. It may also point to aggressive or sadomasochistic tendencies.

To see violence may also reflect repressed memories of abuse from childhood.


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