Villains Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Villains Interpretaion

By | March 4, 2019


To dream of a villain represents feelings about some area of your life or personality that need reform. Rebellious behavior. A need for revenge or break the rules. Feelings about yourself or someone else that undermines others plans. Feelings about struggles with addiction or bad habits.


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5 thoughts on “Villains Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Villains Interpretaion

  1. Julia Prantalos

    I dream of a villian named Zoom his real name or alter ego is Hunter Zolomon, this is no nightmare at all and to me Zoom is not bad at all. I have had reacurring dreams of him over and over. One dream he said I was his daughter and others I had speed and he showed me how run. He talks about a lot of things. Even if i have a regular dream he is always there. This had been going g on for a month. I feel like it is a message or something. One I am just wondering what it means? I don’t think it is a problem in waking life that needs to be solved. I feel like it is something more.

  2. Okay

    Well today morning I had a dream that a villian caught me and some people in a different world, and they are horrible but why were they nice to me? I think the villian is indirectly just me , I call myself bad and tell myself to cut some slack

    This kind of villain isn’t the first time


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