Vietnam War Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Vietnam War Interpretaion

By | March 4, 2019

Vietnam WarVietnam War

To dream of the Vietnam War represents an struggle in your life that feels impossible or pointless. An unwinnable conflict. Constant embarrassment or rejection. You may be struggling with something that always eludes you.


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2 thoughts on “Vietnam War Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Vietnam War Interpretaion

  1. KendreeJalen

    I’ve always had a connection with the Vietnam war. 60s songs would get me paranoid, thinking about Vietnam, and alot else. I had a dream about I rise from the water with my m-16 I think it was. Trees, dirt grass plants all around me. I saw them bamboo or straw houses, the houses they used to have and vietnamese people with guns. After that I had a vision I think we were somewhere, land everywhere. Not brown dirt, just like tan hardened dirt. Bombs were exploding everywhere. This guy had glasses on and he was screaming at his radio about something I forgot what he said, but bombs were exploding like 2 feet away from him then it got him.

    1. Marko

      Hello. I have really strong emotions about the Vietnam War. I feel like i have been there in some form and i´dont know why. I have learnt about it throughout years and now that i´m older i feel the connection is even stronger. Vietnam War era music gives me such a comfort that no other era music can. I dont know why, but everything about the Vietnam War feels so familiar. even before i learnt about it. KendreeJalen send me some email if you want to talk more about these things. Thank You My email:


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