Vacation Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Vacation Interpretaion

By | March 5, 2019


To dream of a vacation represents a temporary distraction or change. You’ve done something that totally changes your mindset and may not expect it to last. Doing something different for a little while. A vacation may also reflect a break you are taking. Relaxing or taking time off from something in your life.

Negatively, dreams of vacationing may reflecting feelings about yourself or others being lazy. A fear of being told you are lazy. A fear of taking time off from work.

To dream that you are having a bad or awful vacation suggests that you are regretting a change you thought would be temporary. You may feel unable to escape from responsibilities in your waking life. You may be having difficulties coping with problems and issues. Impatience with how a situation has turned out. It may also reflect regretting time you taking off from something.

Example: A woman dreamed of taking a vacation in the middle of a forest and fearing vicious dogs that were outside the forest. In waking life she was taking maternity leave from her job to have her baby and was fearing losing her job or having people at work get angry at her for taking time off.


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