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The letter V in a dream represents choice, options, or doing whatever you want. The two opposing directions symbolize your ability to choose exactly how you want something to be.

V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet and in numerology 22 represents confidently confronting your problems. 22 is also a very powerful number because it’s also reflects the 22 degree halo phenomenon where the sun looks like an angels halo.

As a Roman Numeral, it could represent the number 5.

Vanity Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Vanity Interpretaion

Vanity To dream of vanity represents feelings about yourself or someone else that doesn’t like doing something difficult because it won’t look good. Superficial solutions to problems. Example: A man dreamed of being told he was being punished for his vanity. In waking life he was experiencing a significant drop in customers to his business… Read More »

Vans Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Vans Interpretaion

Vans To dream of a van (work or delivery) represents your decision making ability or self-control that’s interesting other people in what you are thinking. A reflection of life is providing you or someone else with their needs, wishes, or fears. Choices that lead to “getting what you asked for.” A direction in life you… Read More »

Vase Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Vase Interpretaion

Vase To dream of a vase represents something in your life that you can only admire. Behavior or choices you make for the sake of being noticed a positive light by others. Positively, it may reflect achievements you feel good about. Negatively, a vase may reflect vanity or the risk of resting on your laurels.… Read More »

Veil Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Veil Interpretaion

Veil To dream of a veil represents feelings about concealment or something being intentionally being hidden. Feelings about an experience being inevitable, but not completely ready. A dislike of someone who is a jerk who intentionally keeps you waiting. Negatively, a veil in a dream may reflect feelings about not being able to perfectly trust… Read More »

Vatican Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Vatican Interpretaion

Vatican To dream of the Vatican represents a perspective on a situation where you feel you have to tell people what to do. Dictating core values to others. Preoccupation with being an authority, giving orders, or lecturing others. Feeling that telling others what to is all that matters. A sign that you may be too… Read More »

Vault Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Vault Interpretaion

Vault To dream of a closed vault represents resources, opportunities, or special experiences that are purposely kept off-limits. A sign that you need a higher degree of hard work or status to get what you want. Alternatively, a closed vault may reflect your wish to keep something special about yourself off-limits from other people. Your… Read More »

Vegetables Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Vegetables Interpretaion

Vegetables To dream of an assortment of vegetables may represent the quality of a situation or experience meeting a balanced set of basic needs. Feeling that something beneficial is devoid of pleasure or feeling good. A reflection of you or someone else that is more concerned with responsibility and personal growth then enjoyment. Vegetables may… Read More »

Vermin Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Vermin Interpretaion

Vermin To dream of vermin represents a nuisance in your life. A problem that annoys you that it won’t go away. A constant feeling of being compromised or disappointed. Trouble and obstacles that keep getting in your way. Something unwanted that has invaded your space. Alternatively, vermin may represent people you feel cheat or compete… Read More »

Veins Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Veins Interpretaion

Veins To dream of seeing veins represents feelings about awareness of how dangerous the virility of some area of your life is. Awareness of how strong you are. Negatively, veins may reflect a challenge that will test your character and ability. Feeling the potential for how strong a problem situation or enemy could become. Feeling… Read More »

Velociraptor Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Velociraptor Interpretaion

Velociraptor To dream of a velociraptor represents a powerful fear that works with other fears to isolate you and keep you completely powerless to confront it. A fear that is effecting or spreading to every single area of your life. Example: A teenager dreamed of being chased by a velociraptor. In waking life he was… Read More »

Velvet Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Velvet Interpretaion

Velvet To dream of velvet represent feelings of being extra comfortable, calm, cool, or collected. You or someone else that is laid back. Feeling comfortable with yourself that nothing matters at all. To dream of wearing velvet represents vanity or narcissism. Noticing how wonderful it feels to be positive or beautiful. Feeling good liking yourself.… Read More »