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The letter V in a dream represents choice, options, or doing whatever you want. The two opposing directions symbolize your ability to choose exactly how you want something to be.

V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet and in numerology 22 represents confidently confronting your problems. 22 is also a very powerful number because it’s also reflects the 22 degree halo phenomenon where the sun looks like an angels halo.

As a Roman Numeral, it could represent the number 5.

Vacant Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Vacant Interpretaion

Vacant To dream of a vacant property represents ideas, habits, or a way of living that isn’t being utilized. It may also reflect an abandoned lifestyle choice. A perspective on life that isn’t currently active or interesting. Alternatively, a vacancy may represent something that you feel is missing or lacking in your life. Positively, a… Read More »

Vacation Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Vacation Interpretaion

Vacation To dream of a vacation represents a temporary distraction or change. You’ve done something that totally changes your mindset and may not expect it to last. Doing something different for a little while. A vacation may also reflect a break you are taking. Relaxing or taking time off from something in your life. Negatively,… Read More »

Vaccination Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Vaccination Interpretaion

Vaccination To dream of getting a vaccination represents a wish to become resistant to something that has taken hold of you. It may also reflect a wish to immunize yourself from dangerous situations or bad choices that have become a problem. Doing whatever it takes to not be “infected” by a bad situation or bad… Read More »

Vacuum Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Vacuum Interpretaion

Vacuum To dream of a scientific vacuum or “vacuum in space” represents feelings a situation staying the same indefinitely. Emotional emptiness that purposely disallows anything else to happen in a situation at all. A vacuum may reflect powerful jealousy, guilt, bitterness, or anger that is obsessed with sterilizing all progress some area of your life.… Read More »

Vacuum Cleaner Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Vacuum Cleaner Interpretaion

Vacuum Cleaner To dream of a vacuum cleaner represents your preoccupation or motivation to finally deal with problems. Noticing things going away. Being proactive or solution oriented. Cleaning up your act or attitude. A focus on finality or getting something cleared up. Noticing negativity or problems having to go away. Ridding yourself of outdated ideas… Read More »

Vagina Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Vagina Interpretaion

Vagina To dream of a vagina represents receptivity or compliance to beliefs, ideas, wishes or goals. How open you or someone else is to accepting what other people want. How receptive a desired situation is to your wants. Negatively, a vagina may reflect feelings about deserving to be a loser or deserving to be told… Read More »

Valentine’s Day Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Valentine’s Day Interpretaion

Valentine’s Day To dream of Valentines Day represents an a romantic encounter, event, or waking life experience where you are interested in dating someone, falling in love, or spending time with someone you really like or are in love with. Negatively, Valentine’s day may reflect romantic disappointments or longing for more affection. Desiring someone to… Read More »

Valentine’s Day Card Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Valentine’s Day Card Interpretaion

Valentine’s Day Card To dream of a Valentine’s day card represents interested in dating someone or letting someone know how you feel. This could also reflect your projection of someone else who is signaling their interest in you. Example: A teenage girl dreamed of a boy she had a crush on giving her a Valentine’s… Read More »

Vampires Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Vampires Interpretaion

Vampires To see a vampire in your dream symbolizes an aspect of your personality that is parasitic or selfishly feeds off others. A person or situation that drains you of time, energy, or resources. Either your own selfish need to use others or your projection of other people that are feeding off of you. It… Read More »

Vanilla Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Vanilla Interpretaion

Vanilla To dream of smelling or tasting vanilla represents a welcoming experience or inviting situation. Feeling that you belong or that only good things can happen. Example: A man dreamed that the sky was made of vanilla. In waking life he was experiencing a lot of growth with his business after fearing that it would… Read More »