Urination Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Urination Interpretaion

By | March 5, 2019


To dream of urination represents a release of tension. Relieving yourself of a problem you’ve been putting up with for too long. It may also reflect relief from stress. You may have been keeping quiet for a long period of time or have been “holding in” your problem. You are someone else that is finally letting go of stress, problems, or an issue that was held up.

Negatively, urinating may reflect feelings about enjoying never having to speak to people again.

To dream of someone urinating near you in a way you don’t like may represent your irritation or displeasure at someone who is relieving themselves of a problem at your expense. Someone may dealing with their issues on your turf or violating your sense of boundaries.

Example: A man dreamed of desperately having to urinate and feeling enormous relief while doing so. In waking life he was desperately keeping a money problem he had a secret and found enormous relief when he got some extra money because he could deal with his problem without having to tell anyone.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her son laying on his back with his clothes on urinating on himself like a fountain. In waking life she felt that her son hated her and enjoying choosing to never talk to her again.


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