Unicorns Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Unicorns Interpretaion

By | March 5, 2019


To dream of a unicorn represents your view of a situation or person being totally innocent, pure, or wonderful. Something that you feel the need to be perfect for. Feelings about people or a situation that has to always be thought about as perfect.

Negatively, a unicorn may also represent something in your life that you feel is too good for you, or a special person that you need to be very careful courting. Feelings about your virginity or losing your virginity. Putting something or someone “too high on a pedestal.” Being too careful around someone you have a crush on.

Example: A preschool girl dreamed of being chased by a unicorn. In waking life she had been told how wonderful and fun kindergarten was going to be, but was now starting to fear school as the first day approached.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of a unicorn. In waking life she had a big crush on a boy she liked and felt that she had to act perfect around him to have a chance of ever dating him. She felt he was the most perfect guy she had ever seen in her life and was scared that if he bothered or angered him she would never get to speak to him again.

Example 3: A teenage girl dreamed of running away from a black evil unicorn. In waking life she had unprotected sex with her boyfriend and was now fearing being pregnant. The black evil unicorn may have reflected her regrets about having thought her boyfriend was the perfect person to lose her virginity with which that was now turning into a potential pregnancy scare


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