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The letter U in a dream represents having to start over or begin all over again.

U is also the 21st letter of the alphabet and 21 in numerology represents conflict with confrontation. Meaning you are having a problem changing or standing up to something.

The letter U can also represent “you.”

Undertaker Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Undertaker Interpretaion

Undertaker To dream of an undertaker represents a concern with being perfect in how you end a situation or relationship. Planning or considering all aspects of a situation that you believe will end soon. Wanting to “bury” a relationship, problem, or situation with no problems at all. Negatively, an undertaker may be a sign that… Read More »

Undertow Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Undertow Interpretaion

Undertow To dream of being caught in an undertow represents feeling of being drawn into other people’s problems or pulled down with someone else’s failure. Feeling overwhelmed by negativity or uncertainty that is beyond your ability to control. Dreaming of an undertow may be a sign that you feel helpless to do anything about a… Read More »

Underwear Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Underwear Interpretaion

Underwear To dream of underwear represents your most personal beliefs or wishes. Hidden attitudes and prejudices. Alternatively, underwear represents your personal view towards sex or your sexual attraction to someone else. Something private about yourself that you might be embarrassed for other people to discover about you. Negatively, underwear in a dream may reflect issues… Read More »

Undress Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Undress Interpretaion

Undress To dream that you are undressing represents the shedding of inhibitions. You may be giving up certain beliefs or attitudes. Undressing may also reflect revelation of your true feelings or beliefs to others. You may be “opening up” about your true feelings, beliefs, or intentions. What you’re thinking or feeling is being made clearer… Read More »

Unemployed Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Unemployed Interpretaion

Unemployed To dream of being unemployed or jobless represents feelings about yourself not having anything important to do. Feeling inadequate or that you are not good enough or aren’t needed. It may also reflected feelings of being stagnated in life or having low self-worth. Feeling that you are not being utilized to your fullest potential.… Read More »

Unibrow Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Unibrow Interpretaion

Unibrow To dream of a unibrow represents a sheltered or oblivious sense of self. Thinking there is nothing wrong with you or what you are doing while other people find it unusual. A unibrow may reflect behavior that is strange or hard to understand for other people. Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone with… Read More »

Unicorns Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Unicorns Interpretaion

Unicorns To dream of a unicorn represents your view of a situation or person being totally innocent, pure, or wonderful. Something that you feel the need to be perfect for. Feelings about people or a situation that has to always be thought about as perfect. Negatively, a unicorn may also represent something in your life… Read More »

Unicycle Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Unicycle Interpretaion

Unicycle To dream of a unicycle represents self-balancing. Noticing yourself doing everything for yourself. Struggling, living or being on your own. Total control over a situation or over your life. Example: A woman dreamed of switching from a bicycle to a unicycle. In waking life she was tired of trying to save her marriage and… Read More »

Uniform Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Uniform Interpretaion

Uniform To dream of an uniform represents feelings about your role in a situation. Feeling a need to behave in a certain way. An aspect of your personality that is taking on a specific type of role. Negatively, a uniform in a dream may reflect issues with feeling obligated to behave in a certain way.… Read More »

Unisex Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Unisex Interpretaion

Unisex To dream of things that are unisex represents some area of your life that is predominantly focused on compatibility, fitting in, or ease of use. Function before all appearances. Some area of your life that is “general” or widely accepted. More of a concern about how something is used than how it feels. Negatively,… Read More »

United States Of America Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of United States Of America Interpretaion

United States Of America To dream of the United States of America (USA) represents a mindset that is oblivious to limitations. Doing whatever you want or never allowing obstacles to get in your way. Independent thought or behavior. Never believing you can’t do something. Negatively, the United States Of America may reflect feelings of jealousy… Read More »

Universe Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Universe Interpretaion

Universe To dream of the universe represents an overwhelming feeling of a lack of importance. Feeling that issues or situations are not as serious as you thought they were. Seeing the bigger picture. Alternatively, the universe in a dream may reflect your feeling that we are all interconnected in some way. Feeling that problems you… Read More »