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The letter U in a dream represents having to start over or begin all over again.

U is also the 21st letter of the alphabet and 21 in numerology represents conflict with confrontation. Meaning you are having a problem changing or standing up to something.

The letter U can also represent “you.”

U-Turn Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of U-Turn Interpretaion

U-Turn To dream of making a u-turn represents decision-making or the direction of your life that is reversing course. Changing the direction or path you are headed. Not liking the way a situation is turning out. A shape, sudden, or unexpected change in the direction your life is taking. A U-turn may be a sign… Read More »

Underwater Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Underwater Interpretaion

Underwater To dream of being underwater represents being overwhelmed by negative thoughts, emotions, or uncertainty. It may also reflect preoccupation with sadness, guilt, or fear. Difficult circumstances. Overwhelming emotional turmoil. Feeling that you are struggling. Difficulty coping with pressure. Overwhelming family or relationship problems. A very hard time in your life. Feeling overwhelmed by problems.… Read More »

Uncle Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Uncle Interpretaion

 Uncle To dream of an uncle represents a substitute form of conscience. Your ability to choose between right and wrong or make an important decision that is influenced in some manner. An uncle is a sign that you aren’t making the right choices for the right reasons. Positively, an uncle may reflect important decisions that… Read More »

Unconscious Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Unconscious Interpretaion

Unconscious To dream of being knocked unconscious may represent your helplessness and inability to function in a situation. You were not prepared for a change or problem. Alternatively, being unconscious may be a sign that you are oblivious or ignorant of some situation.

UFO Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of UFO Interpretaion

UFO To dream of a UFO represents experiences or situations that are unfamiliar, unexplained able, or strange. You may be having thoughts, emotions, or life situations that are unusual for you. UFO visions or dreams are common for people who take ayahuasca  because they symbolize the unusual experiences or feelings a person has while under… Read More »

Ugly Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Ugly Interpretaion

Ugly To dream of a person that is ugly represents an aspect of your personality that is unpleasant or undesirable. A situation in your life that doesn’t feel good. It may reflect an issue that you don’t like thinking about or something about yourself that you don’t like. Feelings that people don’t like you or… Read More »

Ukraine Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Ukraine Interpretaion

Ukraine To dream of being in the Ukraine represents a mindset where you feel surrounded by people or situations that are always noticing winning first. Attention always being paid towards what winning or success means. Not being stupid about what winning equates. Negatively, you may experiencing yourself noticing other people winning all the time without… Read More »

Ukrainian People Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Ukrainian People Interpretaion

Ukrainian People To dream of Ukrainian people represents aspects of the personality that are sensitive about wanting to notice winning. An unwillingness to notice yourself losing if you don’t have to. Feelings of deserving to be a winner. Positively, a Ukrainian person in a dream may reflect an intelligent need to see strong results first.… Read More »

Ultrasound Test Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Ultrasound Test Interpretaion

Ultrasound Test To dream of an ultrasound test represents your wish to “just see what happens” without having to make any drastic changes. Being safe to not ruin your hopes for an opportunity. Waiting, gathering facts, or putting off decisions just to be safe. A safe or non-committal compromise. Testing something without making any serious… Read More »

Umbilical Cord Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Umbilical Cord Interpretaion

Umbilical Cord To dream about an umbilical cord represents our ties to a relationship, problem, or situation. You may feel that you have to be with someone or that someone doesn’t want to let go of you. You may have anxiety about being on your own and supporting yourself. Alternatively, an umbilical cord may symbolize… Read More »

Umbrella Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Umbrella Interpretaion

Umbrella To dream of an umbrella represents emotional protection from disappointments or uncertainty you are experiencing. Casual feelings about disappoints effects others having no impact on you. Preparedness for troubling or sad moments. The ability to shield yourself from depression, pessimism, or being inundated by a negative situation. A reflection of how optimistic or prepared… Read More »

Under Age Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Under Age Interpretaion

Under Age To dream of being under age represents a lack of power or experience in some area of your life. You or someone else that is not quite ready yet. Not able to do what you want. Alternatively, being under age may reflect restrictions or limitations that are being imposed.