Thighs Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Thighs Interpretaion

By | March 6, 2019


To dream of a thigh represents stamina, motivation, and the ability to endure. Your ability to perform and get things done.

To dream of admiring your thigh represents satisfaction with your performance or stamina.

To dream of muscular thighs reflects you or some aspect of yourself that has staying power.

To dream of small feminine thighs represents acceptance of limitations. It may also reflect you or an area of your life that is advertising itself to be less powerful than someone else.

Example: A woman dreamed of having saggy skin on her thighs and feeling embarrassed when she tried to pull the skin tighter. In waking life she felt humiliated at work by her boss who kept removing benefits from her pay and making her feel like a loser who was too old and pathetic to compete hard in the workplace anymore


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