Thermostat Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Thermostat Interpretaion

By | March 6, 2019


To dream of a thermostat represents emotional consistency. Control over a situation so that it always feels the way you want it. Setting requirements or limits that are to your liking with other people. You may be very concerned that a something is always “just right.” Negatively, a thermostat may symbolize a wish to keep someone else feeling bad all the time.

Turning a thermostat off may be a sign that you are concerned about going overboard or pushing someone too far.

Alternatively, a thermostat may reflect control over emotions or emotional boundaries. You may be setting limits on how much of something you are willing to put up with. How comfortable you are willing to be with a situation.

Example: A young girl dreamed of overhearing someone threatening to put the thermostat on full and lock her in a room. In waking life she left the church and feared that fellow attendees would choose to give her a cold shoulder for her decision. The thermostat being kept on high reflected the feeling that other people would choose to keep her feeling bad all the time about her choice


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