Texas Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Texas Interpretaion

By | March 6, 2019


To dream of Texas represents a free state of mind that thinks big. A mindset hat is not willing to except small ideas or restrictions. Wanting to use your freedom to do big things. Enjoying using your liberties to the fullest. Insensitivity about being passive or excepting a small role. Free thinking that scares other people. An attitude that is very concerned with exercising rights and freedom.

Negatively, Texas in a dream may reflect freedom that is excessive. A biggest freedom mentality that scares other people. No compromises if you aren’t free to be biggest at all times. Biggest freedom that is dangerous to others. Arrogantly showing off using you freedom to the limit. A possible sign that you are going overboard with your need to exercise your freedom. A stubborn ignorant attitude about complete freedom or using biggest power.

Example: A man dreamed of looking into the sky that reached all the way down to Texas. In waking life he was thinking about how to protest an issue that offended him and if it didn’t work he was considering taking very dramatic action to get his point across to important people. Seeing the sky reach all the way down to Texas may have reflected his feelings about having to exercise his freedom to protest to the fullest as a last resort if required


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