Tetris Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Tetris Interpretaion

By | March 6, 2019


To dream of playing Tetris represents life situations where you are challenging yourself trying to sort out or organize your life perfectly. Feeling good proving yourself trying to get something perfect while other people don’t want you to.

Tetris may also reflect light hearted feelings about a fast paced learning situation or environment that requires you to be perfect.

Negatively, Tetris may be a sign that you feel frustrated trying to prove to yourself that you can do something perfect. It may also reflect too much “playing” with getting something perfect. Overwhelming yourself trying to make everything fit.

Example: A young man dreamed of playing Tetris and winning. In waking life he moved out of his overbearing father’s house with a large amount of money and tried to start his own business. Starting the business from nothing was very challenging with many failures, but he loved it, and was experiencing a lot of success getting the many facets of his business to run perfect synchronized


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