Telekinesis Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Telekinesis Interpretaion

By | March 6, 2019


To dream of telekinesis represents effortless control or change. Making people or situations do what you want without a lot of effort. Unspoken respect or action being taken on your behalf. Unspoken gestures that force others to act the way you want. It may also reflect very responsive or well listening people. Awareness of the power of your social skills or verbalized anger. Feeling surprised or thrilled by how easy it was to control someone without being physical.

Alternatively, telekinesis in a dream may reflect situations where you are experiencing a heightened sense of ease something or someone you are controlling. Feelings of surprise at how powerful or effective you are.

Negatively, telekinesis may reflect silent treatment, looking angry, or making people feel that you don’t like them so they will behave the way you want. The “evil eye” in order to get a desired response. Sensitivity that communicates serious consequences for not being perfectly compliant. A lack of respect for someone or something you have control over.


A woman had her first dream of telekinesis. In waking life she had her first experience at work of having to be yell at a rude customer and not getting in trouble for it. Her boss actually approve of it. The telekinesis may have reflected her feelings about how incredible it felt to use manage a problem with a bad customer with little effort and only using her social skills.


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