Teakettle Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Teakettle Interpretaion

By | March 6, 2019


Teakettle dream  represents feelings about having to be patient. Feeling you have to wait for something because you can’t comfortably settle down without it. It may also reflect your use of a situation or relationship to achieve a comfortable or settled state of life.

A teakettle in a dream often reflects feelings about a long-term relationship leading towards marriage or children. The teakettle then reflects the use of the relationship to wait to settle down in life with your partner.

Negatively, a tea kettle may represent situations that feel unbearable waiting for someone else to catch up. Not enjoying waiting for something you need. Feeling that you are required to use something or someone in order to get what you want because you weren’t as patient waiting for something as other people were.

A tarnished teakettle may reflect revelations from partners in long-term relationships that make you feel that your partner is not in line with your goals. Feeling that partners are not as interested in marriage, children, or family life in the future as you are.


: A woman dreamed of a tarnished teakettle. In waking life she was in a relationship with her boyfriend for 5 years before discovering that he didn’t really want to get married or have children. The teakettle in this case reflects her feelings about using the relationship to wait to comfortably settle down with her boyfriend.

Example 2

: A woman dreamed of a tarnished silver tea kettle. In waking life she felt forced to sell a home that she had hoped she could sell at a much later time.

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