Tattoos Dreams Meaning

By | March 7, 2019


Tattoos dream of a tattoo represents your feelings about how you or someone else is choosing to noticed or permanently define themselves. It may also reflect an unforgettable reminder in your life. Consider the design, color, and location of the tattoo for additional meaning.

Positively, a tattoo may reflect how you feel good appearing original or more interesting than other people. Pride in remembering what you’ve been through or how strong you were. Feeling good being noticed by others as having gotten through a major ordeal. A life lesson, difficulty, disappointment, or traumatic event that you can’t ever forget. An experience that has left a lasting impression on you.

Negatively, a tattoo may reflect how you or others feel good showing off looking dangerous, risky, or negative. Enjoying looking tough or like you don’t care about others feelings. Feeling uncomfortable or insulted by someone else’s inconsiderate attention to major decisions. A sign that you or others may have made an arrogant choice or mistake that will not be soon forgotten. Remembering yourself or someone else having intentionally been a jerk. A wish to stand out that may be off-putting to others. Alternatively, tattoos in a negative context may reflect your concern or anxiety that something in your life is being noticed permanently. A mistake you feel is permanent.

To dream of tattoos on the chest may reflect you or others who are showing off being powerful. Negatively, a tattoo on the chest may reflect behavior that is enjoying scaring others that it’s refusing to give back power. Enjoying showing off being too powerful over others.

Tattoos on the bicep may reflect showing off in ways that show you are stronger that others. Tattoos on the forearm may reflect showing off controlling a situation.

To dream of seeing a tramp stamp tattoo (above the bum) may represent feelings about someone or something in your life enjoying noticing itself being easy all the time. Feeling that someone is socially advertising that they will always be easy to deal with. It may also reflect uncomfortable feelings you have about a person of the opposite sex that making obvious signals of interest in dating you all the time. To dream that you have a tramp stamp tattoo may reflect your own enjoyment of being noticed always getting what you want because you are easier to deal with than other people. Socially advertising to others that there is no challenge to getting their desires satisfied with you.

To dream of a tattoo removal represents a wish to restore your credibility, reputation, or your good name. You may be letting go of arrogant beliefs or apologizing to someone. Cleaning up your act, building respect for yourself, or reinventing yourself in cleaner image. You may have a heightened need to be concerned with the feelings of family or friends. Wanting to forget or erase the past. Alternatively, you may be realizing that showing off isn’t good for your or your relationships. Not wanting to scare people anymore.


A man dreamed of seeing someone with tattoos all over their body. In waking life he felt that his father was an arrogant show off who enjoyed scaring him with losing the inheritance he was expecting. He felt his father was terrible person who enjoyed showing off humiliating him.


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