Tassels Dreams Meaning

By | March 7, 2019


Tassels dream represents feelings about yourself, someone else, or a situation being perfectly amazing. Feelings about something being perfectly incredible. Being very impressed with yourself being excellent in some way. Feelings about yourself or others doing everything single thing incredible or amazing.

Negatively, tassels may be a sign that you are too confident about your ability to remain perfectly amazing in someone else’s eyes. Showing off too much. Believing in yourself excessively.

To dream of tassels being pulled off represents feelings about something amazing being ruined or embarrassed. Humbling an ego. Embarrassing someone that is showing off. No longer feeling good about something being incredible.


A woman dreamed of seeing tassels being pulled off. In waking life she was trying to embarrass her husband behind his back with whom she felt was acting very arrogant towards her. She was trying to humiliate her husband for believing that he was too impressive to listen to her demands.

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