Tail Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Tail Interpretaion

By | March 7, 2019

Tail Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Tail InterpretaionTail

Tail dream of a tail represents feelings about being unable to control a person or situation. Insensitive displays towards others showing that you can’t be controlled. Confidence that you can’t be told what to do. Making others feel stupid that they need to accept you the way you are.

Negatively, a tail may reflect feelings about being taunted or teased with experiences that are completely contrary to your wishes. Annoyances, complications, or people in your life that feel good taunting you with fear. Feelings about a person in your life that is feeling good being more dangerous than you. A casual display of intimidation. Arrogantly flaunting how dangerous you are.

To dream of chasing after your own tail may represent feelings about yourself or others hopelessly pursuing an answer to a problem. Desperation to avoid making a mistake that drives you embarrassment.
Circular thinking that is humiliatingly stupid.

To dream of a tail wagging represents you or someone else that feels good knowing they can’t be told what to do. An embarrassing or over eager display of enthusiasm. Negatively, it may reflect a warning sign that someone is irritated or angry. Arrogant warning signs.

To dream of tail between the legs represents a reversed pride. An attitude that likes showing off that has been humbled or embarrassed. Fear and humiliation.

To dream of a tail being cut off represents feelings about yourself or others that can never show off ever again. An arrogant attitude that doesn’t listen being embarrassed into listening. Careless neglect that has resulted in embarrassment.

To dream that you have a tail may reflect feelings about yourself being perceived by others as too dangerous or too weird.

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