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Worms Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Worms Interpretaion

Worms To dream of a worm represents weakness, degradation, filth and general negativity. Feelings about something that is spoiled or ruined. You may have a very low opinion of yourself or of someone in your life. Alternatively, dreaming about a worm may reflect a person who is untrustworthy or slick. Example: A woman dreamed of… Read More »

Wounds Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wounds Interpretaion

Wounds To dream of a wound represents harm that you feel has been done through conflict or crisis. Emotional wounds. Lasting effects or consequences you’re feeling from a bad situation or relationship. It may also reflect emotional harm through anger or fighting. Guilt, grief, regret, or anger. You may need to take time to heal.… Read More »

Wreath Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wreath Interpretaion

Wreath To dream of a wreath represents feelings about situations where you feel it is important to honor or respect the moment. Respecting the continuity of a situation or person’s memory. Want to completely respect or honor someone as best as you can. Negatively, a wreath may be a sign that you are too concerned… Read More »

Wrecking Ball Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wrecking Ball Interpretaion

Wrecking Ball To dream of a wrecking ball represents feelings of intentional destruction or breakage in some area of your life. Severely damaging actions to others that was planned. Intending to take someone down hard. Feelings about a dangerous or devastating change. Intentionally “knocking down” someone too arrogant to put up with anymore. Planning to… Read More »

Wrench Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wrench Interpretaion

Wrench To dream of a wrench represents your wish to appropriately apply or relieve pressure on a situation or relationship. Fixing a situation by adjusting demands or requirements. Tightening with wrench may reflect stricter rules or increased pressure. Loosening with a wrench represents a reduction in restrictions or demands.

Wrinkles Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wrinkles Interpretaion

Wrinkles To dream of wrinkled skin represents feelings about being aware of yourself or others having a higher degree of experience. Feelings about yourself or someone else being noticeably wiser. Awareness of yourself or others lacking interest in beautiful or fun experiences. Pleasant feelings being more intelligent than other people. Objectivity free from desire. Wisdom… Read More »

Writing Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Writing Interpretaion

Writing To dream of writing may reflect feelings about what you or someone else is honestly thinking being noticed in waking life through actions. Noticing total honesty about someone’s true thoughts by their actions. A final expression of what one is thinking through their actions. Realizing the truth. Negatively, dreaming of seeing writing may reflect… Read More »

Wrong Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wrong Interpretaion

Wrong To dream of doing something the wrong way represents feelings of being unable to properly address a problem. A lack of confidence about something you are doing in waking life. Waking life situations where you feel stupid or incompetent. Issues with asking for help. Heightened sensitivity about noticing that you are not winning or… Read More »

X-Rays Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of X-Rays Interpretaion

X-Rays To dream of an x-ray represents deep scrutiny or discrimination. Analysis that can’t be escaped. Being unable to avoid the truth. You may be experiencing a situation where nothing can be hidden. Negatively, an x-ray may reflect flaws or embarrassing information that you can’t avoid being revealed. You may be seriously reexamining your beliefs… Read More »

Yachts Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Yachts Interpretaion

Yachts To dream of a yacht represents an intelligent or resourceful attempt to navigate life’s uncertainties. It may also reflect an ability to powerfully or skillfully deal with negative situations. If you see a yacht submerged in water, or overtaken by waves this represents uncertainty or negative situations that overwhelm your ability to intelligently confront… Read More »

Yahoo Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Yahoo Interpretaion

Yahoo To dream of yahoo.com may represents a lack of enthusiasm to pursue something completely. A goal or interest that you don’t feel the need to go all the way with. Yahoo may also reflect interests you are very focused on that other people may not be as eager to pursue. Pursuing interests that used… Read More »