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Children And Dreams

Children And Dreams In a research conducted at the University of Virginia, it was found that animals are featured more prominently in children’s dreams compared to adults’ dreams. This may be due to the notion that children are just interested in animals. Furthermore, frightening animals, like lions, snakes, crocodiles, and wolves occur more often then… Read More »

Babies And Dreams

Babies And Dreams In a study on babies and dreaming, it was learned that babies spend about 66% of their sleeping time in the REM state. That is quite a bit of dreaming, considering that the average adult spends 15-20% of their sleep time in the dreaming stage. Dream researchers believe that there is a… Read More »

Importance Of Dreaming

The Importance Of Dreaming Do you dream in order to sleep or do you sleep in order to dream? Although that question remains debatable,  researchers agree that there is a purpose and importance to dreaming. Research have showed that people who are deprived from entering the dream phase of sleep or the REM stage, exhibit… Read More »

The Mechanics of Dreaming

The Mechanics of Dreaming While you are dreaming, your body undergoes noticeable changes. Your adrenaline rises, your blood pressure increases, and you heart beats faster. Given this hyperactivity, it should be no surprise how someone with a weak heart can die in their sleep. Their heart may not be able to withstand the strain and… Read More »