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Chewing Gum dreams meaning

Chewing Gum To dream of chewing gum in a dream represents feeling good thinking about something over and over again. It may also reflect feeling good repeatedly talking about something. To dream  being stuck in your hair may represent how terrible it feels to never stop thinking about someone else enjoying talking negatively about you.… Read More »

Chicken (Food) dreams meaning

Chicken (Food) To dream of eating chicken represents a situation in your life that gives you confidence. You may be overcoming a fear or anxiety you had. Overcoming cowardice. Pride in yourself for having stood up to something that scares you. To dream of fried chicken represents confidence gained in situations that you overcome by… Read More »

Chicken Coop dreams meaning

Chicken Coop To dream of a chicken coop represents something you know you can always rely on or use whenever you want. A person or situation that always provides confidence when you are insecure. Example: A woman dreamed of seeing chicken coops she didn’t trust. In waking life she just had a baby and didn’t… Read More »

Chicken Pox dreams meaning

Chicken Pox To dream of chicken pox represents a problem you are experiencing that can only be solved with inaction or patience. You may be experiencing a negative situation where you have to “bite your tongue”, sit it out, or impotently experience a problem from beginning to end without being able to act against it… Read More »

Chickens dreams meaning

Chickens To dream of a chicken represents insecurity, cowardice, or a lack of confidence. There is something that makes you insecure or unsure of yourself. You may also have a lack of willpower. Situations in waking life where you are aware of yourself being easily frightened away from something. Chickens in a dream may be… Read More »

rectangle Dreams Meaning

Rectangle rectangle ،To dream of a rectangle، represents singularity or every single thing you are thinking. All that good and bad together. It could also mean you or someone else is completely concerned with only their ideas. Negatively, a rectangle، may reflect succumbing to problems because you don’t listen. Positively, a rectangle، may reflect mastery… Read More »