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Food dreams meaning

Food Food in dreams represents the type and qualities of experience or energy you take in your life. How certain situations are effecting you. Each has a unique experience or energy associated with it based of your opinions, feelings, or memories of the specific food. Certain symbols tend to be more universal (e.g. apples or… Read More »

Sliver Dreams Meaning

Sliver Sliver، To dream of getting a sliver represents annoyances or frustrations about small issues that you have to extra careful about removing from your life. A petty or trivial issue that is hindering progress. An inability to move forward or let go until something is fixed. Negatively, it may be a sign that you… Read More »

Snacks Dreams Meaning

Snacks Snacks، To dream of snacks represents feelings about temporary fulfillment. Temporary delaying something unpleasant that is inevitable. Enjoying a temporary delay. Biding time. Sustaining a situation that can’t last forever. Feeling that a fleeting experience is not as important as a more stable experience. Negatively, dreams about snakes may reflect overindulgence of experience that… Read More »

Soup Dreams Meaning

Soup Soup dream of soup represents your feelings about a situation that you don’t want to lose a good feeling about. Concern about keeping the warmth or pleasantness of something alive. Consider the kind of soup for additional symbolism. Read More : Summer Dreams Meaning Sumo Wrestler Dreams Meaning Sun Dreams Meaning Sunburn Dreams Meaning… Read More »