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Mermaid dreams meaning

Mermaid To dream of a mermaid represents feelings about being suspicious of something beautiful or pleasant. Situations that feel good, but have something difficult to trust about them. A wonderful experience with “something fishy about it.” Friendly or interesting offers that seem suspicious. Temptation or clever deceptions. Your feelings about something attractive or interesting that… Read More »

Messages dreams meaning

Messages To dream of receiving a message represents feelings about understanding the true nature or seriousness of a matter. Finally “getting the message.” Realizations that you need to allow something unpleasant to happen because you can’t control it. Feeling that someone is trying to convey a hint to you. Awareness of yourself not listening as… Read More »

Metal dreams meaning

Metal To dream of things made of metal represents something about you or your life that you are confident about being strong. Confidence and security. Strength of character. Feelings about behavior or some area of your life that is protective of staying the way it is. Some area of your life that doesn’t cancel easy… Read More »

Metal Detector dreams meaning

Metal Detector To dream of a metal detector for security represents a wish to prevent embarrassing interruptions or alternative choices. Carefully insuring that a situation will safely remain the way you want it to. Careful screening of undesirable intentions. Making others prove to you that they can be trusted completely. Alternatively, you may feel like… Read More »

Meteors dreams meaning

Meteors To dream of a meteor represents a potential problem with the ability to devastate goals, plans, relationships, or your sense of stability. Unexpected problems with the potential to be serious. Feelings about radical change, potential catastrophes, or enormous unwanted impacts on your life. A major event. Significant unexpected disappointments. Alternatively, a meteor may reflect… Read More »

Mexican People dreams meaning

Mexican People To dream of Mexican people represents aspects of your personality that respects itself believing in itself first. You or someone else that feels that nothing is special if you don’t feel good about yourself first. You or someone else that doesn’t listen to other people’s’ ideas if it risks happiness at all. You… Read More »

Mexico dreams meaning

Mexico To dream of being in Mexico represents a mindset that is aware that nothing cares about changing. People or situations in your life that are always embarrassing you by never doing what you think they’re supposed to. Confronting people with ingrained attitudes or beliefs. Feeling surrounded by people who make you feel like that… Read More »

Microphones dreams meaning

Microphones To dream of a microphone represents being more assertive or forceful with your beliefs, opinions, or wishes. A stronger attempt to make views known. Making an effort to make an issue more important to address or discuss. Voicing opinions more strongly. Feeling that it’s important to be listened to about an issue. To dream… Read More »

Microscope dreams meaning

Microscope To dream of a microscope represents close examination or scrutiny of certain issues or situations. Example: A man dreamed of his eyes turning into microscopes and then looking at his arm to see all the individual cells choking on smoke. In waking life he was taking a close look at his smoking habit and… Read More »

Microwave dreams meaning

Microwave To dream of a microwave represents accelerated or hurried attempts to think, feel, or experience something. Quick action. You feel that something is urgent or don’t want to wait. Alternatively, a microwave may reflect a new and better way to deal with a problem you have. You may feel that you don’t have to… Read More »