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Dreams dream meaning

Dreams To dream that you are dreaming represents a realization that something in your life wasn’t as serious as you thought it was. Positively, this reflects worries that are overblown. You may have been afraid or concerned about something and a life situation proved that you were overreacting. Negatively, a dream within a dream can… Read More »

reflection Dreams Meaning

Reflection reflection ،To see your reflection، in your dream represents your perception of yourself. Something you are noticing about yourself. The reflection، may highlight both your flaws and positive attributes. To dream of a reflection، in a window represents possibilities for yourself that you are noticing. Something you are noticing about yourself. The reflection، may… Read More »

Snake Dreams

Meaning of Snake Dream Symbol: Being one of the oldest dream symbols ever recorded, snakes hold a very significant meaning depending on the context of your dream. Depending on your culture or parts of our collective unconscious, a snake/serpent as a symbol can transform to one extreme to another. For the most part in many… Read More »

Tips On How To Remember Your Dreams

Tips To Remember Your Dreams Many people report waking up from sleep on a daily basis and forgetting the dream they just had that night. Even if you still remember parts of your dream and want to connect the puzzle easier, you can follow certain techniques to better enhance your dream memory muscle. You might… Read More »

Dream Catcher

What are Dream Catchers? Dream catchers are one of the common interesting traditions used by the Native American people across North America. You may have see them hanging on car rear view mirrors, over the beds of Native peoples homes and even worn as tattoos. Though the traditional dream catchers are intended to ward off… Read More »

Epic Dreams

Share your Epic Dream stories right here at Dream Dictionary Forum and see what some of our members dream about for you to analyze.   So what classifys as an Epic Dream?  Well these dreams are so unique and so profound that once you have had one you would remember it like it happened yesterday years… Read More »

Sleep Walking Stories

Sleepwalking is a sleep disorder that causes people to get up and walk while sleeping. Episodes of sleepwalking typically occur when a person is in the deep stages of sleep. The sleepwalker is unable to respond during the event and does not remember sleepwalking. In some cases, sleepwalking is associated with incoherent talking. Our forum… Read More »

Children And Dreams

Children And Dreams In a research conducted at the University of Virginia, it was found that animals are featured more prominently in children’s dreams compared to adults’ dreams. This may be due to the notion that children are just interested in animals. Furthermore, frightening animals, like lions, snakes, crocodiles, and wolves occur more often then… Read More »

Babies And Dreams

Babies And Dreams In a study on babies and dreaming, it was learned that babies spend about 66% of their sleeping time in the REM state. That is quite a bit of dreaming, considering that the average adult spends 15-20% of their sleep time in the dreaming stage. Dream researchers believe that there is a… Read More »