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Polygraph Testing dreams meaning

Polygraph Testing To dream of a polygraph test represents social verification of intentions. Having to show someone with your actions that you are being honest beyond any doubt. A reflection of a loss of confidence or faith. Alternatively, it may reflect a need to prove that you or someone else doesn’t really care about something.… Read More »

Pomegranate dreams meaning

Pomegranate To dream of pomegranate represents feeling good doing different things all the time. Enjoying trying or experiencing a lot of something you’ve never done before. Feeling good about enjoying something that is both perfect and different. Optimism to live a new life filled with enjoying new things. Enthusiasm for a lot of new change… Read More »

Poncho dreams meaning

Poncho To dream of a poncho represents the personality that is always concerned other people feeling you don’t have any real concerns or worries. Your personality acting above trivial or materialistic matters. Acting towards others as though your personality is always down to earth and carefree. Openly discussing your problems to feel better about them.… Read More »

Pond dreams meaning

Pond To dream of a pond represents uncertainty in your life that you are comfortable with. Confidence in your ability to to try new things. Confidence in your ability to confront a new challenge without embarrassing yourself. Your ability to try something dangerous without angering someone. Alternatively, a pond may reflect how you are keeping… Read More »

Pony dreams meaning

Pony To dream of a pony represents feelings of enjoying interesting or unique experiences with family or special people. Enjoying time with people who doesn’t embarrass you or laugh at you. Enjoying spending time with family. Feeling that you’re special. Personal time with people you like. Children may dream of ponies to reflect their enjoyment… Read More »

Poodle dreams meaning

Poodle To dream of a poodle represents emotional protection that is always caring about being a wonderful professional that is always listening and never doing anything stupid. Emotional self-protection that requires high maintenance or special attention. Refining yourself responsibly or keeping up to date is something you feel is always important. Feeling that you will… Read More »

Pool Noodles dreams meaning

Pool Noodles To dream of a pool noodle represents feelings about enjoying confronting problems on your own terms. An aspect of your life that feels good being adjustable while you problem solve. Enjoying feeling that problem solving is too easy. Negatively, a pool noodle may reflect a lack of respect for someone helping you. Enjoying… Read More »

Poor dreams meaning

Poor To dream of being poor represents your lingering feelings of powerlessness or inadequacy. It may also reflect your sense of limitation or restriction. You feel you don’t have the resources, skills, or friendships required to achieve your goals. Refer to the themes section for money for a more in depth look at money symbolism.… Read More »