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Phone Booth dreams meaning

Phone Booth To dream of a phone booth represents your interest in experiences that you don’t want others knowing about. You want to do something privately. Example: A man dreamed of seeing a man walk into a phone booth. In waking life he was considering killing someone that threatened his life. The phone booth reflected… Read More »

Phone Number dreams meaning

Phone Number To dream of a phone number represents what is required of you to initiate a desired experience. A resource, ability, person, or situation that you need in order to make something happen. Example: A woman dreamed that her work number had been disconnected. In waking life she had just returned to work after… Read More »

Photo Album dreams meaning

Photo Album To dream of a photo album represents nostalgia or remembering something from your past. Thinking how things used to be. It may also reflect your impression about a big or complicated situation. Example: A young man dreamed of looking at a photo album and seeing his ex-girlfriend getting married. She looked very happy… Read More »

Photo Booth dreams meaning

Photo Booth To dream of a photo booth represents your wish to purposely create silly or light hearted memories for a friend or child. Time being taken to make sure something is remembered in a non-serious way. Negatively, a photo booth may be a sign that you are going of your way to restore “positivity”… Read More »

Photo Shoot dreams meaning

Photo Shoot To dream of a photo shoot represents your attempt to notice every single thing you like about an issue or situation. Remembering all this good or attractive about someone or something. It may also reflect a reexamination of everything you liked about a past memory. Example: A man dreamed of seeing a beautiful… Read More »

Photographer dreams meaning

Photographer To dream of a photographer represents feelings about being adept or intelligent about making anything remembered looking as good as possible. Expertise at projecting yourself or others in a positive light. Intelligence about lasting impressions. Intelligence about making lasting lifelong impressions. An aspect of yourself that is a lasting impression expert. Negatively, dreaming about… Read More »

Pick Pocket dreams meaning

Pick Pocket To dream of a pick pocket represents feelings about yourself or others taking advantage of others status, power, or self-respect. Taking advantage of other people’s honesty to achieve your goals. Feeling weary of being conned. Feeling that someone is not to be trusted. Feeling that you’ve been warned about someone else’s untrustworthy behavior.… Read More »

Picking dreams meaning

Picking To dream of picking one thing over another represents feelings about choices or preferences. Awareness of yourself making a good or bad choice. To dream of picking fruit represents feeling good making a responsible or beneficial choice. Picking a lot fruit may reflect feeling good sharing a responsible beneficial choice or many people all… Read More »

Pickup Truck dreams meaning

Pickup Truck To dream of a pickup truck represents decision-making or control over a situation that involved hard work or fixing something. Feelings about your or someone else that “has a job to do.” Behavior that is focused on fulfilling obligations or responsibilities. A direction in life that is centered on “getting the job done”… Read More »