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Payphone dreams meaning

Payphone To dream of a payphone represents feelings about choosing to initiate a situation with some kind personal cost involved. Starting a situation with a progressive attitude. Example: A man dreamed of looking at a payphone and hesitating to use it. In waking life he was hesitating to send very embarrassing apology emails to family… Read More »

Peace dreams meaning

Peace To dream of experiencing peace after war represents feelings about conflicts in your life being settled. Negatively, peace in a dream may reflect wishful thinking about conflict in your life ending. Preoccupation with conflict ending when it’s persistently unrealistic. Example: A young Arab girl dreams of peace between the Israeli’s and the Palestinians. In… Read More »

Peach Color dreams meaning

Peach Color To dream of peach color represents feelings about a situation being wonderful or enjoyable. Feeling sensitive about having your feelings cared about. Negatively,  a dream may be a sign that you are enjoying a lot of relief from a terrible person’s failure or death too much. Example: A young man dreamed of seeing … Read More »

Peanut Butter dreams meaning

Peanut Butter To dream of peanut butter represents feelings about how quick, easy, and unimportant something is to you. It reflects a unconcerned or carefree attitude about something in your life. Smooth cooperation. Smooth easy experiences you don’t respect. Negatively, peanut butter may reflect feelings about easy sex or how easy something dishonest is to… Read More »

Peanuts dreams meaning

Peanuts To dream of a peanuts represents feeling good that something is easy, but annoyed that you need to keep making effort at something to keep it easy. Feelings about never being jealous of needing to do something yourself. An easy problem that isn’t solved unless you do it yourself. Feeling good that it’s no… Read More »

Pearls dreams meaning

Pearls To dream of a pearl represents the feeling that an idea or situation is perfect . Believing that something is perfectly wonderful or has nothing wrong with it at all. It may also reflect admiration for how perfect or wonderful something is. Example: A woman dreamed of burying pearls. In waking life her pregnancy… Read More »

Pears dreams meaning

Pears To dream of  represents feeling good being responsible or making responsible choices. Responsibility or responsible ideas that feel good being good for you. Feeling good being a good person or a responsible person. Feeling good that nothing happening is a disaster. Feeling good responsibly giving someone something. Feeling good having to accept responsibility taking… Read More »

Peas dreams meaning

Peas To dream of peas represents feelings about situations or advice that are good for you, but that you weren’t asking for. Parental criticism. Judgement on the quality of something in your life. Expert advice that you didn’t ask for. Feelings about getting more than you ask for. Example: A woman dreamed of swimming in… Read More »

Pebbles dreams meaning

Pebbles To dream of lots of pebbles represents a difficult or tough issue that you don’t care about doing anything about. A problem or negative situation that are willing to put up with or intentionally don’t change. Choosing to accept your problems as they are. Difficulties and annoyances in your life that have been grown… Read More »