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braids dreams meaning

Braids braids ، To dream of braided hair ، represents thoughts or emotional patterns that are repetitive or difficult to stop. Negatively, you may have a problem getting something off your mind. Positively, you may be very excited about something that you can’t stop thinking about. Example: A man dreamed of seeing a girl with… Read More »

braille dreams meaning

Braille braille ، To dream of a braille represents an attempt to feel what the answers are. You may lack the knowledge you want and progressing based on situational conditions or what other people are doing. You or someone else that is adept enough to sense what is right or what action is needed next… Read More »

Brakes dreams meaning

Brakes Brakes ,To dream of using brakes represents your wish to slow down in a situation or relationship. You may not like how quickly a situation is progressing. A decision you’ve made may be having unforeseen consequences. It may also reflect a wish to take it easy or try something new. To dream of your… Read More »