Tadpoles Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Tadpoles Interpretaion

By | March 7, 2019

Tadpoles Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Tadpoles InterpretaionTadpoles

Tadpoles dream of tadpoles represents feelings of something or someone in your life being impossibly avoidant. Feeling that you can’t even try to do something without it quickly resulting in disappointment. Feeling that disappointment is intuitive about never allowing to try to do something you want. Feeling that getting close to something at all makes it less likely.

Dreams of tadpoles may reflect a woman’s wish to get pregnant while trying to conceive when the man partner is always impossible to spend time with.


A young woman dreamed of seeing tadpoles on her clothes after she washed them. In waking life she felt that her boyfriend was always avoiding her even after she discussed it with him. The tadpoles in this case may have reflected how impossible it felt to her to spend time with her boyfriend because life always seemed to ensure he had no choice about avoiding her.

Example 2:

A woman dreamed of seeing tadpoles in a pond. In waking life she was trying to conceive, but her husband has to stay out of the country for employment. She felt life made it possible to even discuss conceiving a child.

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