Superpowers Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Superpowers Interpretaion

By | March 8, 2019

Superpowers Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Superpowers InterpretaionSuperpowers

Superpowers dream of having superpowers represents feelings of being confident or empowered about your abilities more than usual. A display of superior strength or skill so incredible that it defies belief or expectations. Surprising yourself with how powerful, effective, or unstoppable you are.

Superpower strength may reflect shocking or unexpected displays of skill or power. Terrifying or embarrassing other people with how easy something is.

To dream of holding up an impossibly heavy stone with all your superpower strength may reflect a surprising level of persistence in the face of an enormous challenge. Feeling that you are holding on and defying impossible expectations.

To dream of a flying superpower represents feelings that you or someone else can’t be stopped. Exceptional or superior resourcefulness.

To dream of a weather changing superpower represents a superior or shocking ability to manipulate emotions. It may also reflect an unusually powerful ability to change conditions of a situation.

To dream of being able to shoot lasers from your eyeballs represents a superior ability to perfectly deal with problems by merely observing them. It may reflect a stronger ability to delegate, have others do things for you, or pay to have something handled once you become aware of it.

Consider the trait or body parts involved with the superpower for additional meaning.

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19 thoughts on “Superpowers Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Superpowers Interpretaion

    1. Nathan

      Why did I dream of having the power to shoot a ray of green light from my chest and I was killing some zombie things

  1. DreamsAreWeird

    What if I dreamed about having water as my super power ? (e.g. being able to shoot out water from my hand, controlling the pond, river or sea)

  2. DreamsAreWeird

    What if I dreamed about having water as my super power ? (e.g. being able to shoot out water from my hand, being able to control the pond, river or sea currents)

    1. Anonymous

      I had a dream Similar I had to go to an Academy to find out what kind of other powers I had I have to test these power almost like every day it was fun tho untill I had seen a harp that made me wake up because it was so big I have megalophobia

  3. (anonymous)

    How about if you dream about being able to walk through walls???

  4. (anonymous)

    In the dream, I had to be taught to do these things. And others could master them too.

  5. Anonymous

    For the past few days I have been having dreams of discovering a new ability or superpower. I have no idea why.

    1. Guhjguydtdt

      I had a dream that I could control time
      Quite easily I saw the after affects also in very detailed ways
      There was like some sort of lace in my hand and it was twisted up I imagine time going forward and it slowly started to take itself apart and then backwards it twisted up again. I did this with multiple objects.
      I also saw 7777 in my dream? With a wand above it
      Recently I blessed one of my wand so I wonder if this has a connection?

    2. Anonymous

      I always dream of me shooting water from my hands and controlling nature and I dream about being a demigod

  6. Anonymous :)

    My boyfriend dreamt I was a superhero w like powers and he didn’t have them and he was following me around.

  7. Zeelestial

    I dream about i can lift my teddy bear without touch then i can not control so it fly away and I dream about that dream 2 times in 1 night. I do not understand, why i dream about that dream 2 times in one night? It feel so real when i woke up. I did not fell like it was a dream. Maybe i watch cartoon too much that use magic to lift something so i dream about it.
    Sorry for bad grammar.

  8. Monica Thakadu ...(

    I dreamt that I was with my late grandmother whom asked me to clean the floor very hard and later on we were all laughing with the family members enjoying our meal.And that’s when I found out that my teeth were grey and black in colour here and there and I went to brush them right away..later on I dreamt I was waiting for my exam results and we were not allowed to see the papers …I secretly saw my marks but they were written abbreviations I couldn’t understand whereas some of the percentages where high…Then I dreamt telling my boyfriend that I love him so much …And lastly I dreamt that I had super powers in which I could see the inner side of people and realised their motives right on time..bad intentions..But I didn’t realise I had those powers..till when I wanted to give up as people were against me but someone told me not to..But before that I went to pee in the nicest toilet in town kind of where people with super powers were gathered for a conference…….

  9. Jeappel

    I have been constantly dreaming of having supers powers for years now. I dream that I can fly, lift heavy items create, protective auras around myself and shoot some kind of really bright light from the center of my chest and it wipes what ever I had focused it on. This has been going on for years, at first i thought I watched too many movies and the dreams would be too dull. But now I have taught myself to concentrate more and they are so clear and detailed.

  10. zhanyarsultani

    What mean if i have fire super power and air and thunder when i sleep and i have superpower it feel real i feel it when am sleeping

  11. Kelz

    In my dream I was apart of an institute for people who had powers we traveled on a huge vessel across the oceans to defeat the rarest or most powerful enemies. I could feel my powers growing stronger like I could just burst out in a glorious display of power. I was faster stronger, could hold my breath longer, could fly, could pass through walls or structures with ease, the others were not on the same level but yet I felt I could still become more. Halfway through our journey we needed to board a different vessel but as we neared our destination I realized I left something very important on the other ship. I knew the only way to get it was by teleporting but Noone had ever done it. With all of my might and strength I did it and I found what I was looking for. In my dream there was also a handsome man, a ring and the north star.

  12. Jeff

    The past year on a near daily basis I’ve been having a dream where I have Cryomantic powers after taking a pill for it. I also tend to be stronger then those who also took the same pill. In this dream I could freeze an entire room with my breath and form snowballs in my hands, this dream also includes people from my past some i have dated and some I was like family to.

  13. Anonymous

    i dream that i can control the wave and also use a power of force to move huge object around


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